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Hassle-Free Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation

Treasure Valley, Idaho

CZ Enterprise, based in Meridian, Idaho is known by our holiday lighting services, and rightly so. Not only do we take the inconvenience off your hands, but we’re able to install minimal to complex lighting designs with reliable lighting systems through Village Lighting. Before we start any project, we test all our lighting supplies and systems and ensure they’re all approved for energy efficiency, safety, and performance. If you’re tired of stringing lights yourself only to get frustrated, give us a call and let us do the job for you. No job is too large.

Call us to schedule an appointment for your commercial holiday lighting installation. We will provide you with a quote within minutes with a few details and questions regarding your business and vision.


On the fence about bringing Christmas lighting to your business? Below are a few reasons to give this a second thought.

Christmas Lighting Increases Sales

Christmas is one of the most hectic times of the year and creating an effective commercial lighting display can help boost end-of-the-year sales. A cheerfully lit storefront emanates warmth. In turn, this entices more people into your business. As customers do last-minute shopping, having Christmas lighting makes you appear more friendly and relatable, thus letting them know them know you carry gift-worthy items in your store.

Christmas Lighting Boosts Morale

Celebrating through lighting and decor can lift your staff’s morale. The holiday season is typically the most stressful time of the year – and being amidst the commotion of clamoring shoppers can add stress to your staff. On the other hand, working in a festive and lively environment will inspire positivity, making way for amazing customer experience. Additionally, when customers see your beautiful light display, they feel more engaged with your store’s lively atmosphere.

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